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Barça Lassa won 32-20 against MMT Seguros Zamora on the 12th Matchday of the Asobal League, and with this victory, the team has ensured participation in the Handball Copa del Rey to be held in León on December 16 and 17. Jallouz, with six goals, was the team's top scorer.

Tough at the start

The visitors began with greater intensity and a real desire, but Barça Lassa managed to stay ahead on the scoreboard throughout, albeit with a slender lead. Xavi Pascual’s team pushed their opponents back as the half wore on, and thanks to some great goals from Jallouz, the team were well ahead by the break (19-10).

In the second half, the hosts' 10-goal difference allowed the Blaugrana to take advantage, young players like Pere Vaquer and the 18-year-old Andrei Buzle, who debuted in the league, getting some minutes.

This Saturday, December 2, the team travels to France to face Nantes, a direct rival, in a very important Champions League game.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 32
MMT Seguros Zamora, 20

Barça Lassa: Ristovski (-); Ariño (1), Entrerríos (-), Alexis (-), Lenne (2), Viran Morros (1), Dika Mem (4) –starters-, Vaquer (-), Buzle (2), Jallouz (6), N’Guessan(2), Palmarsson (2), Aleix Gómez (5), Rivera (5), Syprzak (3).

MMT Seguros Zamora: Sebas (3); Octavio (2), Martín (-), Calle (-), Gastón (3), Facundo (1), Adrián (-) –starters- , Marc (1), Fernando (-), Anderson (3), Peli (0), Raul (4), Luis (-), Iñaki (1), Jaime (0).

Breakdown: 3-2, 5-3, 7-4, 11-7, 14-9, 19-10 (break) 21-10, 24-10, 26-14, 27-16, 31-18, 32-20 (final).

Officials: Enric Escoda and Roland Sánchez

Attendance: 422 spectators

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