FC Barcelona Lassa defeated second placed Anaitasuna in Saturday’s game at the Palau – one which was largely defence-based for the first 30 minutes and one of all-out attack for the second half.

After the incredible 133 match winning spree in the Liga Asobal was broken by a draw with Guadalajara in their last game, a win like this was just the tonic to regain lost morale and consolidate their position at the top of the table.

Match stats

FC Barcelona Lassa: Pérez de Vargas, Entrerríos (2), Sorhaindo (1), Rivera (4), Mem (5), Aleix (5) & Jallouz (5) –starting seven- Victor Tomás (3), Ariño (4), Syzprak (4), Alexis, Viran (1), Lenne (2) & Palmarsson.

Anaitasuna: Bazan (1), Etxeberria, Filipe (1), Carlos (1), Sergey, Oswaldo (3) & Raúl –starting seven- Gaston (2), Ceretta (5), Goñi, Aguirrezabalaga (1), Balenciaga (1), Ander (3) ,Elustondo (2) & Nantes (6).

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