FC Barcelona Lassa came from behind to defeat Silkeborg 27-23 to regain the winning feeling following their last VELUX EHF Champions League defeat at the hands of PSG.

Silkeborg lined up rather defensively, making it hard for Barça to get in behind early on. The hosts made their move on the break and were efficient on the break as they went into the break 13-11 ahead.

Barça made a defensive change at the break Ariño up top, causing the interruption of the hosts’ circulation of the ball. This caused damage to Silkeborg’s rhythm, allowing Barça to get their noses in front.

Andersson and Víctor Tomás took advantage of the opposition keeper playing more advanced to score into an empty net. The Catalans kept their lead once they had gained it, and ended with a 27-23 win.

Match details

Silkeborg, 23
FC Barcelona Lassa, 27

Silkeborg: Frandsen, Rasmussen, Thomsen, Nielsen, Lassen, Hansen (2) and Skube (5) – starting seven – Orsted (1), Kier, Olsen, Espersen (5), Markussen (4), Hundstrup (1), Klitgaard (1), Jensen and Knudsen (4)
FC Barcelona Lassa: Ristovski, Pérez de Vargas, Nöddesbo (2), Morals, Víctor Tomás (2), Entrerrios (3) i Andersson (6) –starting seven-, Ariño, Valero Rivera (4), N’Guessan (2), Syprzak (1), Mem, Viran Morros, Saubich, Jallouz (1) and Lazarov (6)

Score every five minutes: 2-2 / 5-4 / 7-5 / 9-7 / 10-9 / 13-11/ (half-time) / 13-13 / 14-16 / 16-19 / 19-22 / 21-23 / 33-26 (full-time).

Officials: Vaclav Horacek and Jiri Novotny

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