FC Barcelona Lassa saw off the challenge of Liberbank Ciudad Encantada in comfortable fashion on Wednesday night, with a 34-15 to continue the sides winning streak.

The first 15 was all about the two keepers, Kilian Ramírez and Borko Ristovski who made a number of saves for their respective sides, but it was Barça that took a 7-4 lead in the opening quarter of an hour.

It was when Victor Tomàs and Lasse Andersson got into the game that Barça really started exerting their muscles, as they went into the break 16-8 up. The second half proved little more than an exhibition for the home side, as they raced to a 25-13 by the first 15 minutes of the final period.

Barça did not lose their heads and focused on getting more points on the board, as Ristovski in goal made plenty of saves and Lazarov put away seven chances to give the hosts a 34-15 win.


FCB Lassa, 34
Ciudad Encantada, 15

Barça Lassa: Ristovski, Syprzak (3), Aitor Ariño (2),Viran Morros (-), Dika Mem (2), Joan Saubich (4), Wael Jalloouz (2) –starting seven- Gonzalo Pérez, Sorhaindo (1), Lasse Andersson (2), Entrerríos (4), Víctor Tomàs (2), Valero Rivera (4), N’Guessan (2), Kiril Lazarov (5), Noddesbo (1).

Liberbank Ciudad Encantada: Kilian Ramírez, Marc Canyigueral (1), Pablo Vainstein (4), Martin Ariel (2), Nacor Medina (2), Thiago Alves (2), Juan Agustin (2) –starting seven- Carlos Casas, David Mendoza (-), David Cortes (1), Hugo Lopez (1), Tomas Herrero (-), Adrian Nolasco (-), Rafael Lopez (-), Vuk Perovic (-), Leonardo Vial.

Score every five minutes: 2-2 / 3-3 / 7-4 / 9-6 / 13-6 / 16-8 / Half-time / 19-9 / 21-10 / 25-13 / 28-13 / 31-14 / 34-15

Referees: Carlos Javier Gude Prego and Juan José Gude Prego

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