FC Barcelona Lassa racked up their 119th consecutive victory in the league with a 37-29 win over Ángel Ximénez-Avia Puente Genil on Saturday.

Barça were the dominant force from the very start of the match, as Antonio García (3) and Valero Rivera (4) set the tone. Lazarov reached 950 goals in the league as the hosts cruised to a 19-13 first-half advantage.

To their credit, the visitors did not give up as they reduced the deficit to just three goals early in the second period (25-22). However, Barça who soon got back into their usual rhythm and

ncreased their lead to six (29-23). From then on, it was just a matter of how many for Xavi Pascual's men. The rout was complete as Dani Ramos scored his first goal with the first team to seal a 37-29 victory.

Match details

Barça Lassa, 37
Puente Genil, 29

Ángel Ximenéz-Avia Puente Genil: De Hita (Oliva), Domenech de Almeida (1), Cuenca (4), Revin, Rudovic (6), Moya (4) and Josic (2) –starting seven–, Castro (1), Bujalance (1), Moreira (1), Vázquez (6), Porras (1), Mekaru (1) and Díaz (1).

FCB Lassa: Ristovski (Pérez de Vargas), N’Guessan (4), Antonio García (4), Mem (1), Sorhaindo, Víctor Tomás (2) and Rivera (6) –starting seven–, Noddesbo (2), Ariño (7), Ramos (1), Morros (1), Saubich (2), Jicha (1), Jallouz (2) and Lazarov (2).

Score every five minutes: 3-4 / 6-7/ 11-7/ 13-10/ 16-12/ 19-13  (half-time)/ 22-14/ 24-17/ 25-22/ 29-25/ 33-27/ 37-29

Officials: José Manuel Iniesta Castillo and Miguel Martín Soria Fabián.

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