FC Barcelona Lassa has added another title to their extensive collection. This time Xavi Pascual's team clinched the Catalan Supercup to win their 28th title in their decorated history. Barça beat Fraikin BM Granollers in the final of the 2016 edition of the competition played at the Juan Carlos Navarro Pavillion in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (30-25).

Even though the game ended in victory for the team from Barcelona the game was a tough and close encounter as Pascual had predicted. Granollers were testing opposition and they are flying high in fourth position in the Asobal. Once they had settled they pushed the champions all the way.

Barça started strongly with rapid interplay and they never let Granollers settle. The early domination was soon reflected on the scoreboard with Barça 5-1 up within six minutes. Granollers came back into the game led by Adrià Figueras, who helped them to a score of 11-10 in the 24th minute. Carlos Viver's side grew in both attack and defence and when half-time arrived the game was completely even with a score of 14-14.

Patience leads to victory

Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, who came on and scored a fantastic goal from inside his own half and pulled off a double save against Silva, and Jallouz, who scored five goals, kept Barça moving in the right direction. Granollers continued to push and hastle Pascual's men and wouldn't allow them to get out of sight reflected in the 23-21 scoreline in the 47th minute.

However, slowly but surely, with some defensive resilience, patience and five goals from Valero Rivera and a great performance by Gonzalo, with twelve stops, Barça managed to open up an advantage that proved to be conclusive. The final scoreline of 30-25 reflects the close and intense nature of a game which ended with Barça winning the Catalan Supercup.  


FC Barcelona Lassa, 30
Fraikin BM Granollers, 25

Barça: Ristovski, Sorhaindo (1), N’Guessan (1), Aitor Ariño (2), Dika Mem (3), Víctor Tomás (2), Lasse Andersson (1) –starting seven-, Noddesbo (3), Viran Morros (1), Lazarov (2), Entrerríos (1), Jallouz (6), Saubich, Valero Rivera (5), Gonzalo (1) and Syprzak.

BM Granollers: Pol Sastre, Álex Márquez, Álvaro Ferrer, Adrià Figueras, Marc García, Arnau García, David Resina –starting seven-, Gonzalo Porras, Vladan Loncar, Cabanas, Adrià Pérez, Flores, Èdgar Pérez, Silva and Gassama.

Breakdown: 4-1 / 6-2 / 9-4 / 11-8 / 12-10 / 14-14 (break) / 17-15 / 20-18 / 23-20 / 25-21 / 29-23 / 30-25 (end).

Àrbitre: Ignacio Garcia Serradilla i Andreu Marín Lorente.

Assistència: Uns 1.000 espectadors al Pavelló Juan Carlos Navarro de Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

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