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The FC Barcelona Lassa handball team has won 34-25 away to BM Guadalajara but the final scoreline does not reflect the intense battle it took to get there. Especially early on, Xavi Pascual’s side was struggling to get their grip on the game. They still trailed 15-14 at the half hour mark. With rapid play and confident circulation of the ball, the home side proved extraordinarily hard for the champions to break down.

But after the interval, the game finally started flowing in their favour. Some tight defending and especially some excellent work in the frontline from Víctor Tomas (8) and Valero Rivera (6) meant Barça eventually took the win by a nine-goal margin.

They had had to sweat for their two points on one of the toughest road trips in Spain, but the upshot of it all is the extensive of the winning streak to a staggering 93 games. The century is not far away now!


BM Guadalajara, 25
FC Barcelona Lassa, 34

Guadalajara: Hombrados, Parra (5), Márquez (7), Bozalongo (4), Moya (3), Víctor Montoya (1), Pedro Sanchez-Migallon (2) –set inicial- Sedano (1), Mellado, Sergio Valles, Padilla (2), Redondo, Eceolaza, Alberto Sanz.

Barça: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, Filip Jicha, Lasse Andersson (5) Sorhaindo (3), Aitor Ariño (3), Dika Mem (3), Víctor Tomàs (8) –set inicial- Entrerríos (1), Valero Rivera (6), N’Guessan (1), Syprzak (1), Viran Morros, Kiril Lazarov (1), Noddesbo (2), Aleix Gómez.

Parcials: 4-2 / 5-4 / 8-7 / 10-10 / 11-11 / 15-14 / Descans / 16-18 / 17-23 / 20-26 / 22-28 / 23-30 / 25-34.

Àrbitre: David Monjo Ortega i Angel Sabroso Ramírez.

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