FC Barcelona Lassa put in a convincing performance against Valladolid to seal a comfortable win that maintains their unbeaten run in the league.

The game started out rather evenly before Barça entered their fast-paced rhythm. Two goals from Lazarov and another from Syprzak put the visitors 12-16 ahead at the end of the half.

In the second half, Barça continued in the same way, with fast-paced attacks that the hosts simply could not deal with. Gonzalo played a key part with some top saves, while Rivera and Saubich, with six goals each, which gave Barça clear breathing space en route to another win.

The score would have been even greater had it not been for Daniel Dujshebaev and ex-blaugrana man Fernando Hernández but, nevertheless, Xavi Pascual's men left with another important win in the bag (25-38).  


Valladolid, 25
FCB Lassa, 38

Valladolid: Javi Díaz, Fernando Hernández (2), Victor Rodríguez (4), Roberto Turrado (-), Roberto Pérez (1), Miguel (1), Abel (4)–starting seven- Diego (3), Alfonso (-), Rubén Rio (3), Daniel Dujshebaev (6), Luis Manuel (1), Grossi (-), Jorge Serrano(-), Cesar Pérez (ps).

FCB Lassa: Ristovski, Saubich (6), Lazarov (5), Raul Entrerrios (2), N’Guessan (-), Ariño (5), Sorhaindo (1)–starting seven- Syprzak (6), Viran Morros (1), Valero Rivera (6), Jallouz (1), Gonzalo (ps), Mem (3), Jicha (1), Victor Tomás (-), Lasse Andersson (1).

Score every five minutes: 3-2 / 6-6 / 7-9 / 8-12 / 9-12 / 12-16 (half-time) / 15-22 / 17-24 / 18-29 / 20-32 / 24-36 / 25-38.

Officials: Fernando Joaquín Fernández Pérez and Alberto García Rodríguez. 

Attendance: 2,873 

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