Karabatic intenta fer una assistència


FC Barcelona were very comfortable on     Puerto Sagunto’s court this evening in the quarter-final tie of the Copa del Rey. The Blaugrana finished the first half with a six-goal advantage, and in the second they fired for 22 more ahead of the return leg which is scheduled for March 4 at the Palau Blaugrana at 8:00 PM CET.

Robin makes his debut

Xavi Pascual sent out his newest player from the start, the French goalkeeper Mickaël Robin. His seven saves in the first half, and Barça concentration on defence, allowed the team to take an early 0-3 advantage. The intensity on defence and accuracy on the other end of the court forced the home team to call time out after only nine minutes. On the 12th minute, another 0-3 run put Barça even farther ahead. The Balugrana got to the break with 12 to 18 on the scoreboard.

Barça surge, take commanding lead

Lazarovha stepped up in the second half and his goals, in addition to Noddesbo’s contributions and Juanín García’s pace, led Barça to a commanding 21-goal lead at the end of the second half. The Blaugrana will host Puerto Sagunto on March 4 for the second leg of the quarter-final.


Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto, 21
FCB, 42

F. Puerto Sagunto (12+9): Samuel Ibáñez (portero), Moriñigo (1), Tarrasó (1), Apelgren (3), Grau (1), Plaza (4) and Dukic (2) –starting team–, Berrios (2), Nebot, Fernández (1), Lluna, Toni Alegre (1), Diego Roque (1), Juan Sebastiá (p.s.) and Rubén Ruiz (4)

FC Barcelona (18+24): Robin, Noddesbo (5), Gurbindo (1), Stranovsky (3), Morros (1), Karabatic (2) and Saubich (4) –starting team–, Entrerríos (3), Sarmiento (2), Sorhaindo (3), Juanín García (6), Víctor Tomás (5), Ariño (1) and Lazarov (6).

Referees: Alberto Hermoso and David Monjo.

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