Barça’s handball team won their third consecutive Liga Asobal match this Tuesday after defeating Ademar León by 38 to 24. The men managed by Xavi Pascual were very superior to their opponents throughout the entirety of the match.

It’s worth highlighting Barça’s 67% save rate from the 7-meter mark. Saric, one of the best players of this evening, saved two out of two and Sterbik saved two out of four.


FC Barcelona, 38
Reale Ademar Lleó, 24

FC Barcelona: Saric (Sterbik, ps), Sorhaindo, Tomàs (2), Gurbindo (2), Karabatic (7, 2p), Entrerríos (2), Stranovsky (4) -starting team-. També han jugat: Noddesbo (1), Juanín (4), Sarmiento (4), Ariño (2), Rutenka (4, 2p), Morros, Balaguer (3), Lazarov (3).

Reale Ademar Llleó: Asanin (Llamazares, ps), Mellado (1), Vejin (1), Carou, Castro (3), Tatarintsev (5), Alonso (5, 2p) -starting team-. També han jugat: Mario López (1), Molina, Piñeiro, Carrillo (2), Diez, Álvarez, Almeida (2), Dacevic (4).

Referees: Ion Bustamante López and Javier Álvarez Mata

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