It was impossible to dream of a better return to the Liga. After the World Championships, Barça Intersport comfortably won away to Helvetia Anaitasuna while BM Atlético Madrid lost to Naturhouse La Rioja (31-30), which reduced the difference between Altético and Barça to five points.

8-19 at the break

Barça raced ahead of Helvetia Anaitasuna thanks to two goals from Sarmiento, two from Rocas and three from Juanín at the start of the match. The Blaugrana counterattacks were simply unstoppable for the home team. The first half came to an end with 8 to 19 on the scoreboard.

Barça cruise in the second half

The second half followed the same script as the first half. Barça jumped to a 10 to 24 lead, a lead that Helvetia Anaitasuna were unable to overcome. The final score was 19 to 34.


Helvetia Anaitasuna, 19
Barça Intersport, 39

Helvetia Anaitasuna (8+11): Capón, Rodríguez, Martínez (1), Meoki (1), González, Marcelo (3), Goñi (2) (starting team), Reig (1), Carvajal (1), Montávez (1), Chocarro (5), Novelle (3), Bernatoni (1).

Barça Intersport (19+20): Saric, Noddesbo (1), Rutenka (4), Gurbindo, Rocas (5), Sarmiento (2), Juanín (5) (starting team), Sorhaindo (3), Morros (1), Balaguer (2), Stranovsky (2), Aguirrezabalaga (6), Tomàs (3), Ariño (2), Montoro (3).

Referee: San José and Rodríguez Murcia.

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