Xavi Pascual / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

The handball Clásico returns this Saturday. Barça Intersport and BM Atlético Madrid will face off for the first time this season, in the Asobal Super Cup at Vistalegre (18.00). “We’re not at 100%, but we’re ok. We’re ready to compete,” said manager Xavi Pascual this Friday.

“I’m concerned about my team and our opponents”

The manager, who considers that “it’s been difficult to get all the players on the same rhythm,” said that he’s not concerned about the hostile environment that awaits his team in Madrid. “It’s not the 15,000 fans at Vistalegre that bother me, I’m concerned about my team and our opponents,” he said. The manager is aware that his team will be received by an aggressive crowd, especially Arpad Sterbik, ex-Atlético Madrid player. “He’s a professional, it won’t influence his performance,” said Pascual.

“I like how Atlético Madrid have played”

The Azulgrana manager praised Barça’s Asobal Super Cup rivals. “They’ve lost a lot of players, but they reinforced themselves with quality players. The best measure of their success is their Super Globe victory, where they clearly beat Kiel in a spectacular second half. I really liked how they played, their players are in optimum form,” he said. The Barça manager finished the press conference with: “we’re going out onto the court to win, no one should doubt that.”

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