Tomàs with FCB's new title / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

The Catalan Super Cup has taken the place of the historic Liga de los Pirineos competition. The tournament, whose new format pits the top flight teams of the country, FC Barcelona and Fraikin Granollers against each other, was won by Barça Intersport this Sunday.

Long Sunday

FC Barcelona Intersport claimed its first title of the season this Sunday by winning the Catalan Super Cup. Of the first 15 editions of the Liga de los Pirineos, the Azulgranas have won 12 and finished in the second position on 3 occasions.

Tradition of winning

Before the Liga de los Pirineos, which started in 1997, the Catalan handball competition was called the Catalan League.

Since the first Catalan League, which had its inaugural year in 1981/82, until the implementation of the Liga de los Pirineos, 1997/98, the Azulgranas won 12 of the total 16 titles in play.

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