Anyone who believes that a match that pits the league leaders against the 10th placed team in the table is boring obviously didn’t catch the FC Barcelona Intersport vs. BM Villa de Aranda this evening. The Blaugrana managed to come away with the victory after a hard-fought match against a team that made it difficult for Barça from the very first minute. Juanin García's six goals in the first half gave Barça a decisive lead, and Sterbik's fantastic performance in goal sealed the win for the Blaugrana.


FCB Intersport, 31
BM Villa de Aranda, 27

FCB Intersport (15+16):
Sterbik, Juanin, Sorhaindo, Sarmiento, Gurbindo, Aguirrezabalaga, Rocas –starting team–, Saric (ps), Morros, Noddesbo, Tomàs, Entrerrios, Montoro.

BM Villa de Aranda (12+15): Amérigo, González, Rasero, Gañarul, Plaza, Camino, Antonio –starting team–, Díaz (ps), Ciric, Sladic, Corcera, Garza.

Referees: Carlos Luque and Ignacio Pascual

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