Sterbik makes his debut / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

Barça Intersport beat Fraikin Granollers by 20 to 28 in the final of the Catalan Super Cup and claimed its fist official title of the season on Monday night. The match also saw Arpad Sterbik make his debut for the team. It was also a special night for Victor Tomás, who lifted his first title as FC Barcelona’s new captain.

Saric and Stranovsky, decisive

The final started off with both team looking to take an early lead. Barça Intersport easily found the opponent’s goal, but Granollers always had a quick reply through Malasinskas, who unfortunately had to abandon the court due to injury. With a 3-3 on the scoreboard, Barça went on a 0-4 run. Granollers fought back to put a 6-7 on the scoreboard, but were never able to draw level with the Azulgranas. Saric was decisive in goal, and Stranovsky was lethal on the counterattack. Xavi Pascual’s men went to the break with an 11-15 advantage.

The gap widens

The Azulgranas kept up their intensity at the start of the second half, and went on a 0-3 run. Pascual brought in Sterbik, who was presented as a new FC Barcelona Intersport player hours before the match, and the keeper was named the best goalie of final. Like the rest of the team, the keeper put in a great performance and helped Barça Intersport close out the match.

The Azulgranas got to the end of the final with an advantage of eight goals, which allowed them to lift the first title of the season. Hopefully, it’s the first of many.


Fraikin Granollers, 20
Barça Intersport, 28

Fraikin Granollers (11+9): Pérez, Malasinskas (1), Del Arco (5), Raúl Campos (3), Solé, Reixach, Grunsten (1) (set inicial), Pérez de Vargas, Juárez (1), Pujol, Blanxart (1), Capdevila (3), Garcia (3), Félez, Salinas (1), Resina (1)

Barça Intersport (15+13): Saric, Tomàs (1), Entrerríos (2), Jernemyr, Gurbindo (2), Stranovsky (6), Rocas (2) (set inicial), Noddesbo (1), Sorhaindo (1), Sarmiento (1), Ariño, Montoro (2), Aguirrezabalaga (3), Rutenka (6), Morros (1), Sterbik

Score at 5 minute increments: 2-2, 3-7, 6-9, 8-10, 10-12, 11-15 (half time), 11-17, 14-22, 17-23, 18-24, 19-25, 20-28 (final)

Referees: Pastor and Garcia

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