With the quality on display, it was no surprise that the two teams put in a top class performance, full of tension throughout the final of the Super Cup between BM Athletico Madrid and Barça Intersport at Vistalegre on Saturday evening. A seven goal flurry without response in the first half was key to Barça’s win. Despite the hosts’ attacking efficiency throughout, Barça put in a display full of character and quality led by Rutenka, which ended up with them lifting their 15th Asobal Super Cup - Xavi Pascual’s second as coach.

The game began with both teams banging in the goals and after just 7 minutes the scores stood at 7-7, but gradually, Xavi Pascual’s team took control and imposed their style on the game. The defence tightened up in front of an excellent Saric and Barça cut off Atletico’s supply, whilst their own attack scored seven quick goals to leave the scores at 7-14 on 21 minutes.

13-17 at half time

Atletico hit back before the break though and had cut the lead down to 13-16 with two minutes left of the first half, before a beautiful Barça move was rounded off by Albert Roca to send the teams in at 13-17.

The second half began like the first, with both sides knocking in the goals, but it was the hosts who were getting the better of things and by the 38th minute, they had cut Barça’s lead to just a single goal(19-20). Xavi Pascual’s team held their nerve though and five minutes later they were again three up (20-23, min 42).

Lead extended

Atletico now threw everything they had at Barça, but with Rutenka perfect from the seven metre line, the visitors kept their lead intact and with five minutes left they were 28-32 up. Then Noddesbo was sent off, leaving them a man down with four minutes on the clock, but a brilliant goal from Entrerríos, virtually sealed the win, with Atletico only able to cut the lead to 31-34 in the closing stages, as Barça stormed to the Club’s 15th Asobal Super Cup.



Atletico de Madrid: Hombrados; Masachs (1), Jurkiewicz (2), Gojun (2), Kallman (5), Aginagalde (5), Ferrer (3), Dahl (keeper), Sánchez Migallón (-), Edu Fernández (-), Romero (-), Davis (1), Barachet (1), Cañellas (5), Balic (2) and Lazarov (4, 1p)

FC Barcelona Intersport: Saric; Víctor Tomás (3), Gurbindo (3), Raúl Entrerríos (4), Rutenka (12, 6p), Stranovsky (2), Sterbik (keeper), Noddesbo (6), Sorhaindo (1), Sarmiento (2), Ariño (-), Montoro (-), Jernemyr (-), Aguirrezabalaga (-), Rocas (1) and Viran Morros (-)

Five minute break scores: 3-3, 5-6, 7-10, 7-13, 11-15 y 13-17 (Half time). 17-20, 19-21, 22-24, 24-28, 28-32 and 31-34 (Final)

Referees: Marín Lorente and García Serradilla


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