Barça Intersport notched up another victory this evening, this time it was against ARS Palma del Río at the Palau Blaugrana. In addition to the team’s victory, the other piece of good news was that Raúl Entrerríos was able to compete for the Blaugrana.

Barça fired for 41 goals against ARS Palma del Río, which is a season high for the Blaugrana. Fraikin Granollers are the only other team in the Spanish league to score as many goals in one match this year.


Barça Intersport, 41
ARS Palma del Río, 20

Barça Intersport  (20+21): Sterbik, Montoro (4), Sorhaindo (1), Aguirrezabalaga (6), Rocas (10), Viran, Stranovsky (4); Ariño (1), Gurbindo (4), Noddesbo (6), Entrerríos (2), Sarmiento (1), Juanín (1), Balaguer (1), Saric

ARS Palma del Río (11+9): López, Dublino (2), Jiménez (5), Ruano (1), Ramos (3), Vermirovsky (1), Martínez (2); Moyano (4), Bustos (1), Teixeira, Ortiz (1), Fuentes

Referees: Ballano Dueñas and Belloso Pérez

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