Barça Intersport claimed its 18th victory in the Liga Asobal this afternoon by defeating Octavio Vigo by 26-38. The match, which wasn’t as easy as the scoreline might suggest, was decided in the second half when Xavi Pascual’s men shored up their defensive flaws. Sarmiento, with six goals, was the highest goalscorer of the match.


Academia Octavio, 26
FCB Intersport, 38

Academia Octavio: García, Juárez (3), DaSilva (4), Cacheda (4), J.A Fernández (2), González (2) i Frade (4) –starting team-; Chantada (0), Kallman (3), Vargas (0), Lorenzo (0), Fernández López (1), Hermida (3).

FCB Intersport: Sterbik, Entrerríos (4), Gurbindo (1), Viran Morros (1), Stranovsky (5), Sorhaindo (2) i Tomás (3) – starting team-; Saric, Aguirrezabalaga (4), Rocas (1), Sarmiento (6), Montoro (2), Noddesbo (3), Juanín (6).

Referees: Hermoso del Amo and Monjo Ortega

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