Saric. Photo:Arxiu-FCB

Last week the Club announced the FC Barcelona Intersport keeper Daniel Saric renewed his contract through the 2015/16 season.

Saric sat down with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.com to talk about his contract extension and the upcoming decisive match against BM Atlético Madrid.

What does this contract renewal mean for you personally

“It’s great news for me to be able to continue playing for four more years in the world’s best club. I really enjoy playing here and I’ll continue to work to win the most amount of titles possible - that’s what this Club is all about.”

How do you value the confidence that the Club has placed in you?

“Barça was looking for a keeper that could guarantee security on and off the court, I’ve demonstrated that through my work that I have the necessary qualities to fill that role. That’s what allowed both sides to reach the agreement. I’m very grateful that they are counting one me and now I have to give it my all to win titles.”

Given the economic situation that the world of handball is going through, do you think your contract is worth more?

“FC Barcelona gives you security. You can be calm and play with tranquility, it allows you to give 100% in the matches. We have a fantastic team and the Club should expect the best from us.”

Have you and Barça created a special bond?

“Before I came to Barcelona I knew of FC Barcelona’s greatness, it was confirmed when I arrived here. They take care of the players at Barça and we always have people around us that ensure that everything runs smoothly. It allows us to focus on our training, work and winning.”

Your arrival to Barça was discrete, but now you’re well known. How did you accomplish this?

“My career as a handball player has been all about taking it one step at a time. I came here when I was at my best and coming to Barça was the best move I made in my whole athletic career.”

The challenge is to win the Asobal League, which is in play this Saturday against BM Atlético Madrid...

“It’s a decisive point for the Club and the team. We know what we’re playing for this Saturday. The team is looking forward to this match, we’re very focused.”

Winning on Saturday, is it an matter of obligation or ambition?

“Without ambition you cannot play for Barça and you’re obligated to know how to play, seeing that we’re Barça and that we’re playing at home.

“Besides, I’m convinced that we’ll win because it’s a key match for us and for the Palau, which will be packed to the brim to give us the necessary confidence to go out and win it.”

Saric, a més, té un vincle especial amb el públic del Palau. Com s’ho ha fet?

“El públic del Palau sempre s’entrega amb nosaltres i és el nostre vuitè jugador. Quan són al nostre costat fa que donem sempre més, ens ajuden a fer l’últim esforç”

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