(Photo: Àlex Caparrós - FCB)

Xavi Pascual's men have completed two training session to prepare their return to the League competition after the international break. Barça Intersport will face off against Antequera, this Friday at 21 hours in the Palau. Despite the lack of time to prepare the match, the team feels good. “We’ve trained well both yesterday and today, the team is in good condition. I hope the team regains the rhythm and form that it had before the break for tomorrow’s match,” said Xavi Pascual. The Barça manager is still waiting on Magnus Fernemyr’s fitness as the player suffers from fever, his presence is doubtful in tomorrow’s match.

Even though the team needs to recuperate its form, the break was positive for some players. “I think it was good that some players got the chance to disconnect and recuperate. The players that didn’t have national duty did important work here,” Pascual explained. The manager also expressed satisfaction with the work his international players put in during the break.

Antequera, surprise rival

The Azulgrana rival is Antequera. The Andalusians are fourth from the bottom, they have only won twice so far; both victories, however, came against formidable opponents: Valladolid and Granollers. “They are a new team. They switched up their manager, but they got a great result against Granollers. I don’t know what we’ll come up against tomorrow, I can only worry about what my team does,” said the Barça manager.

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