Barça Intersport

Last year, Barça only got three points from their first four games, which put their qualification in doubt. This season they have shown that they've learned their lesson and have won their first three games. Barça's latest victim was a gallant Swedish outfit in Sävehof. But the Catalans were deserved winners, with Mikel Aguirrezabalaga leading the scoring with seven.

Long distance scoring 

Barça Intersport went 2-0 up early on and never lost lead, finding goals with relative ease, and sometimes from surprisingly long range. Mikael Franzen’s timeout did nothing to change things as Mikel, Entrerríos and Igropulo racked up the goals, while Johannesson made three consecutive point blank saves off Sorhaindo, as the score rose to 11-6.

The visitors’ best player, Friden, made a huge contribution to the Swedish side as they clawed their way back to 14-12. That glimmer of hope, however, soon darkened; with the scoreline standing at 17-12 at the break, with Mikel having already scored 5 goals and Sjöstrand making 8 saves.

The art of counter attacking 

In the second half, Víctor Tomás and Laszlo Nagy complemented Ugalde’s speed, and the FCB counter attacks were simply astounding, the only reason the goal margin wasn't wider was due to Johannesson’s excellent goalkeeping. Ten minutes after the break, with 23-15 on the scoreboard, which soon became 28-17, the win was confirmed.

Barça could have relaxed but instead continued as intensely as ever, and secured their ninth win in a row in both Europe and the domestic championship. Playing like they did today, Cologne most certainly beckons.

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