Barça Intersport

After the small 'shock' that the Barça team received on Sunday against Port Sagunt, playing an excellent first half, but slacking off in the second, Barça Intersport wanted to recover their best play and certify a dominant showing over the whole 60 minutes. Quabit BM Guadalajara was on the receiving end of a match totally dominated by the Catalan team, giving them their fourth Asobal League victory, and consolidating their leadership for another week.

Lots of speed

Xavi Pascual’s team determined the pace of the game. With Daniel Saric aborting Guadalajara's attempts to open the scoring, the well executed speedy counter attacks, with only three minutes into the game the score was 1-3. Guadalajara needed more than skill to overcome the Barça defence. The attitude, and the activity, of the Barça players was superb. From wide, Victor Tomás (9 goals) destroyed Jorge Oliva, who became very desperate.

A partial 0-5 halfway through the first period took Barça further ahead (18-7). Igropulo, Nagy, and Noddesbo, scored goals of great quality.

Rutenka also got involved, assisting Noddesbo to make it 20-9, and the first half came to a close with the score 23-11.


In the second half, a keeper change (Sjöstrand came on for Saric), and almost the whole team changed, but the sensations were the same. The players didn’t ease off. Pre-warned after the game last Sunday, Barça Intersport opened the second period with a partial 0-4.

The difference reached up to 18 goals (40-22) towards the end of the game.

Only the appearance of a pretty effective Eduardo Reig revived the home fans’ spirits, encouraged by the actions of their player. Reig, who finished with eight goals, scored the final goal of the match, with the clock run down, from the 7 metre mark. Final score 40-25 to Barça.

Match Stats


Quabit BM Guadalajara (11 +14):Oliva (Gomez), Parra (2), Basmalis (3), Epeldegui (1), De la Salud (4), Rudovic (4), Valles (), - starting seven -, Reig (8), Fontenla (-), De la Rubia (2), Chyro (1)

FC Barcelona Intersport (23 +17):Saric (Sjöstrand), Garcia (5), Tomas (9), Sorhaindo (4), Jernemyr (-), Morros (-) Igropulo (3) - starting seven - Noddesbo (5), Entrerríos (3), Sarmiento (3), Nagy (2), Aguirrezabalaga (3), Rutenka (3)

Partials (every five minutes): 1-4, 4-7, 6-12, 7-16, 9-19, 11-23 (half-time), 12-28,15-31, 18-34, 20-36, 22-38, 25-40 (Final)

Referees: Moyano Prieto and Merino Mori. Exclusions: Rudovic and Chyro from Quabit BM Guadalajara, and Jernemyr, Nagy, and Morros from FC Barcelona Intersport.

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