FCB Intersport - Bosna Sarajevo / FOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

A week after notching up their biggest away score in Europe (17-43) in Sarajevo, Barça again beat Bosna in what was generally a comfortable game for the hosts at the Palau. Xavi Pascual's team showed no pity for the group's whipping boys and they soon built up a decent lead which, with top spot in the group ensured, allowed the coach to rotate his squad ahead of the upcoming league games against Fraikin Granollers on Wednesday and Atlètico Madrid on December 10th.

Corrales makes European debut

Coach Pascual gave keeper Rodrigo Corrales his European debut and the reserve team stopper made a good start to the game in particular, with some notable early saves.

It seemed in the early stages that the game might turn out to be closer than last week's match up, with the scores at 5-4 after 10 minutes, but the hosts gradually began to impose their superior game and put some distance between themselves and the visitors. Bosna Sarajevo came into the game with a number of players missing and they were unable to keep up with Barça's pace finding themselves already 10 goals down at the break.

Comfortable second half

After the break, Balaguer was brought on by Xavi Pascual and he took his chance well, scoring four goals in a second half that saw the hosts cruise away and with a 12-2 partial with three minutes to go, they ended up extending their unbeaten run with an 18 point victory ahead of Wednesday's Catalan derby with Granollers.


FCB Intersport, 37
Bosna Sarajevo, 19

FCB Intersport (20+17): Corrales; Rocas (4), Nagy (1), Sorhaindo (1), Oneto (2), Morros (2), Juanin (5) –starting seven-, Rutenka (3), Sarmiento (4), Víctor Tomás (3), Aguirrezabalaga(2), Igropulo (3), Noddesbo (1), Ugalde (2), Balaguer (4) and Saric.

Bosna Sarajevo (10+9): Martinovic; Rakovic (2), Pazin (-), Mesaric (3), Arapovic (1), Tojcic (-), Mejdic (5) –starting seven-, Vrazalik (5), Terza (-), Halibegovic (3) and Tatar.

Referees: Iván Pavicevic and MilosRaznatovic.

Partials: 1-2, 5-4, 9-6, 12-7,15-9, 20-10 (half time), 21-12, 23-125, 26-16, 29-18, 33-18 i 37-19 (full time)

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