FCB Intersport - BM Ciudad Encantada / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

Barca Intersport have not lost a league match this season in the Asobal League. Tonight in the Palau Blaugrana won a game that keeps them on top of the table alongside Atlético Madrid, who also won, on Tuesday, against Granollers. But this time Barça Intersport are the team in the number 1 spot thanks to goal difference. If both teams maintain the same rhythm, on 10th December the two sides will face each other, to break the deadlock.

Rocas, Morros, and Juanin, rest

With the whole squad available for this game, Xavi Pascual decided to continue to rotate his players. On Saturday in Bosnia, Rutenka and Sorhaingo were rested, and this evening Juanin, Albert Rocas, and Viran Morros watched the victory over BM Ciudad Encantada from the stands. A good way of keeping the players fresh for the coming weeks, when they will face key games in the Asobal League top flight.

Superiority from the first minute

Xavi Pascual's Barça side took hold of the match from the very start, and kept control for the whole game. The superior Barça team started strongly but a few shots against the post prevented them from establishing an even clearer advantage. Little by little the Barça machine began to function, and at the hands of Victor Tomas, Rutenka, Ugalde, and Igropulo they managed to finish the first half with the score at 19-9. In the last ten minutes of the first half Barça Interspòrt achieved an 8-1 partial scoring streak.

At top speed

After the break, Xavi Pascual's players put their foot down even more, increasing the goal difference. Mikel Aguirrezabalga wanted to add to the effectiveness of scoring players like Tomas and Victor Ugalde, and he added four goals to his particular account. We shouldn't forget, either, the great game from keeper Sjöstrand, who got better as the game went on, and made some very good saves.


FCB Intersport, 39
BM Ciudad Encantada, 22

FCB Intersport: Sjöstrand, Victor Tomas (6), Entrerrios (3), Sorhaindho (-) Ugalde (8), Ruttenka (3), Igropulo (4) - starting seven -, Noddesbo (4), Sarmiento (3) Saric (-), Nagy (3), Jernemyr (-) Aguirrezabalga (4), Oneto (1).

BM Ciudad Encantada: Gascon (2), Sabonis (2), Mendoza (-), Pavan (6), Alvaro de Hita (-), Juanjo Fernandez (4), Georgescu (1)  - starting seven - Kappel (-) , Cibulski (1), Gamuz (-), Lopez (-), Inestrosa (5).

Referees: Martin Franco and Gracia Sanchez

Partial Scores: 3-1, 5-1, 9-5, 11-8, 14-8, 19-9 (break), 22-10, 26-13, 29-15, 33-18, 36-18, 39 -22 (Final).

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