A win that could lead to the title / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

This Friday, at 21:00 at the Palau Blaugrana, FC Barcelona Intersport will play in one of the biggest games of the season: the derby with Fraikin Granllers. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind for the match: Barça’s rival, the team’s elimination from the European competition and Laszlo Nagy’s departure... The Azulgranas will look for the win before next week’s pivotal match against Atlético Madrid.

How Barça Intersport come into the match

A lot of factors can affect Barça Intersport’s concentration ahead of today’s game. Rejecting any off-the-court issues, Pascual, in the pre-match press conference, said that his team isn’t suffering from a lack of concentration and he assured the press room that his mean are completely focused on BM Granollers.

The Azulgranas are aware of how difficult today’s game at the Palau will be. Pascual, a man with a lot of experience in the derby, said that “despite the position of either team in the league, a match against Granollers is always different.”

The Azulgranas, who will be without Mikel Aguirrezabalaga for the rest of the season, hope to take the win to keep their title hopes alive. Especially seeing that next week the team must play against BM Atlético Madrid.

The rival

Trained by the ex-FC Barcelona manager, Manolo Cadenas, the visiting side are comfortably sitting in the eight position of the Asobal League table.

With a young team, Cadenas has managed to take his team to the relatively peaceful zone of the table, through the typical and methodic work that characterizes the Spanish manager.

It’s worth noting that Granollers have the young FC Barcelona keeper Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas on loan. Who, despite his age, is one of the leaders in goal for BM Granollers.

The team’s offensive leader is the Lithuanian Malasinskas, who, with 112 goals, is the the team’s highest goal scorer.

History is on Barça's side

BM Granollers haven’t won at the Palau since the 1992/93 season. It was during the play-off, the final score was 27-29. Of the 25 matches played between the two sides at the Palau, 22 have ended in an Azulgrana victory, 1 in a draw and 2 in a Barça defeat.

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