Analysing Barça Intersport’s results this season, one can observe that Xavi Pascual’s men have reached an 88.2% win rate in the six official competitions that the team have played in this season. This win rate has led Barça to three titles this season: Asobal League, Asobal Cup and Liga de los Pirineos.

45 victories in 51 matches

Barça’s handball team, in the 2011/12 season, played 51 official matches. 30 of them were in the Liga Asobal, 14 in the Champions League, 3 in the Copa del Rey, 2 in the Asobal Cup, 1 in the Spanish Super Cup and 1 in the Liga de los Pirineos.

Of these 51 matches, the Azulgranas won 45. Barça lost one game in the Asobal League, against BM Atlético; three in the European competition against Zagreb, Montpellier and Copenhagen, and one in the Super Cup, also against the Madrid side.

85% win rate in the last three seasons

Barça’s win rate in the last three seasons, all of them with Xavi Pascual on the bench, totals 85%.

In the 2009/11 season, Barça played 54 matches and won 48 of them, tied 2 and lost 4. The team’s win rate was 88.8%.  

In the following season, 2010/11, the Azulgranas played 52 matches and won 42 of them, tied 3 and lost 7. The team’s win rate was 80.76%.

In total, over the past three seasons, Barça have maintained an 85.9% win rate in official matches.

Titles won by Barça these past three seasons

2 Ligas (2010/11 and 2011/12)

1 Champions League (2010/11)

1 Copa del Rey (2009/10)

3 Lligues dels Pirineus (2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12)

1 Asobal Super Cup (2009/10)

2 Copes Asobal (2009/10 i 2011/12)

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