The playoffs of the LNFS have begun with a victory for FC Barcelona in the first game of the quarter-final series - best of three - against Zaragoza (1-4). The win gives Barça the advantage and an option to qualify for the semifinals on Tuesday at the Palau Blaugrana. Ferrao's double and goals by Sergio Lozano and Joselito were decisive.

In fact, the Brazilian pivot was the star player in Andreu Plaza’s side. He started very well and tested the reactions of the home goalkeeper. Joselito hit the crossbar, and Esquerdinha, with a header, also went close.

When Ferrao stole the ball, he combined with Adolfo and ended up scoring the first goal (0-1, min 13). Just three minutes later, a good goal by Richi Felipe levelled the tie (1-1, min 16).

A good second half to go out with a great result

It was in the second half when Ivan Bernad kept his team alive, especially once Barça gained more momentum. However, he was powerless to stop Ferrao’s second (min 23).

Barça were superior, but had difficulty in extending the scoreline. Retamar’s sending off was crucial as first Sergio Lozano (1-3 min 35), and then Joselito (1-4 min 38), ensured the visitors to head back to Barcelona dreaming of the semifinals.

Match Details

Ríos Renovables Zaragoza, 1
FC Barcelona Lassa, 4

Iván Bernad, Retamar, Adri Ortego, Víctor Tejel, Thiago Cabeça –starters–, Anás, Óscar Villanueva, Richi Felipe, Nano Modrego, Tabuenca.

Barça: Juanjo, Aicardo, Dyego, Joselito, Ferrao –starters–, Rivillos, Esquerdinha, Joao, Adolfo, Léo Santana, Roger Serrano, Rafa López, Sergio Lozano.

Goals: 0-1, Ferrao (min 13). 1-1, Richi Felipe (min 16). 1-2, Ferrao (23). 1-3, Sergio Lozano (min 35). 1-4, Joselito (min 38).

Officials: Munez Carpintero, Redondo Arenales. Yellow cards for Víctor Tejel, Thiago Cabeça and Dyego. In addition, a double yellow for Retamar who was sent off.

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