FC Barcelona Lassa have to accept a result that doesn’t reflect what happened on the court at Torrejón. Equality in an intense game with great chances for both sides, was decided by some unlucky moments for Andreu Plaza’s team. The result now forces Barça to win three games consecutively - two at the Palau and one in Madrid - if they want to raise the League title.


The second match of the LNFS final series was a kind of continuation of the first game, which was played on Thursday in Torrejón. Andreu Plaza ensured his team attacked more and, with a compact defence, they were quickly on the front foot. However, a lack of success in front of goal hurt them. Ferrao did put the Blaugrana ahead (0-1, min 19), but the sixth foul from the Catalans ended with a goal from Guaia to level things up ( 1-1, min 20).

Out of luck

After the break, however, bad luck cursed Barça. Despite the fact that in the first minutes of the second half both teams played without much risk, and the two goalkeepers had a high percentage of stoppages, Inter stormed ahead in the space of six minutes. An unfortunate play between Aicardo and Sedano saw the former score in his own goal, (2-1 min 34).

Barça tried to get back in the game but weren’t fluent enough in their play. Ricardinho and Pola made it 4-1, and though Esquerdinha (min 40) got one back, the defeat was already a reality.

Barça will now need the magic of the Palau to turn around the 2-0 in the tie and force the fifth match.


Movistar Inter, 4
FC Barcelona Lassa, 2

Jesús Herrero, Rafael Rato, Ortiz, Gadeia, Elisandro –starters- Bebe, Daniel, Pola, Ricardinho, Borja, Taffy, Humberto.

Barça: Paco Sedano, Aicardo, Dyego, Sergio Lozano, Ferrao –starters- Léo Santana, Joao, Rivillos, Adolfo, Esquerdinha, Joselito, Rafa López.

Goals: 0-1, Ferrao (min 19). 1-1, Gadeia (min 20). 2-1, Aicardo, en pròpia (min 34). 3-1, Ricardinho (min 38). 4-1, Pola (min 39). 4-2, Esquerdinha (min 40).

Officials: Delgado Sastre, Rabadán Sains.

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