Barça Lassa drew a match (3-3) in which they were ahead for almost the entire time. Andreu Plaza's men were unable to close out the game in the second half and Osasuna Magna took advantage with less than two minutes left until the final whistle.

The match started with a couple of warning shots from Osasuna Magna, but it would be Adolfo who opened the scoring for the hosts, taking advantage of Joselito's assist. Thereafter, the visitors applied almost constant pressure which paid off when Joselito ended up scoring in his own goal on 14 minutes.

An equaliser seemed to spark the hosts into life again and the pendulum swung back in their favour, Ferrao connecting to Tolrà’s corner just four minutes later to make it 2-1.


Within 16 seconds of the restart, Joselito had taken Barça Lassa further ahead, but Osasuna Magna responded quickly with a goal of their own. At 3-2, Barça continued to be the dominant force and were unlucky with two shots against the post. Unable to add to the score, a penalty for the visitors two minutes from time saw the game end in a draw.

The point leaves Barça in second place with 28 points from 10 games. Their next challenge will be on November 14 in the quarterfinals against Rivas (8.00pm CET).

Match details:

FC Barcelona Lassa, 3
Osasuna Magna, 3

FC Barcelona Lassa: Juanjo, Aicardo, Leo Santana, Ferrao and Esquerdinho – starters -, Tolrà, Joao, Rivillos, Rafa López, Adolfo and Joselito.

Osasuna Magna: Asier, Araça, Eseverri, Rafa Usín and Dani Saldise – starters -, Víctor, Alvarito, Martil, Martel, Bynho i Llamas.

Goals: 1-0, Adolfo (min 4); 1-1, Joselito pp (min 14); 2-1, Ferrao (min 18); 3-1, Joselito (min 21); 3-2, Araça (min 21); 3-3, Eseverri (min 38).

Referees: Cordero Gallardo and Linares López. Yellow cards for Barça's Aicardo, Dyego, Leo Santana and Sedano and Araça, Usín and Eseverri for the visitors.

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