The Barça Lassa futbol sala team returned to league action with a defeat, falling 3-1 to ElPozo on their travels. In the game, which had second place in the table at stake, a lack of accuracy in front of goal proved to be decisive. Joselito scored the only Barça Lassa goal of the game.

Spectacular attacking play with scant reward

Barça Lassa started strongly, carving out seven chances in the opening 2.5 minutes of play. The initial lineup included four Brazilian players, who provided plenty of flair and opportunities to take the lead, and the dynamic remained the same as rotations were made. Adolfo and Ferrao both hit the post when Barça were dominating proceedings, and the home side's goalkeeper was called into making some spectacular saves.

Juanjo, the shot stopper for Barça Lassa, made his first save with five minutes remaining in the first half. That first period ended goalless, despite the complete control shown by Andreu Plaza's men.

No way back

Barça Lassa continued to go on the attack after the restart. Leo Santana and Tolrà were the first to come close to a goal, but it would be ElPozo's Pito who opened the scoring against the run of play.

A second Pito strike put the scoreline further against Barça Lassa, but they would cut the advantage when Joselito found the net with their umpteenth chance.

An exciting finale, which saw the attacking play turned up a further notch, was not enough for Barça Lassa to turn the result around, and a goal to make it 3-1 sealed the defeat.


ElPozo Múrcia, 3
Barça Lassa, 1

ElPozo Múrcia: Fede, Matteus, Xuxa, Andresito and Pito −starting five−, Alex, Fernando Drasler, Elías, Fernando, Marinovic.

Barça Lassa: Juanjo, Joao, Leo Santana, Dyego and Ferrao −starting five−, Tolrà, Adolfo, Rivillos, Esquerdinha, Joselito.

Goals: 1-0, Pito (min 28); 2-0, Pito (min 34); 2-1, Joselito (min 34); 3-1, Álex (min 39).

Referees: Rodrigo Miguel and Sánchez Molina.

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