Barça Lassa earned three valuable points in an important game against Jaén (3-1). An electric duel that was equal throughout, the hosts were victorious thanks to the goals of Esquerdinha, Aicardo and an incomparable Paco Sedano who, after a great goalkeeping performance, scored right on the horn that signalled the end of the match.

The first half had one common denominator: maximum effort and equality. In the opening minutes both teams were very conservative, but the game changed rapidly with constant chances at either end.

Barça Lassa had two clear opportunities through Joao and Adolfo, but Jaén, thanks to Boyis, scored the first goal of the match. The confrontation gave way to exhibitions from the goalkeepers, Sedano and Dídac, before Esquerdinha levelled the scores on 14 minutes.


The second half began as intensely the first had. Roger returned to action after being out injured for four months, and shortly afterwards Aicardo scored Barça’s second goal.

Jaén came on strong but couldn’t get past the outstanding Paco Sedano. In the 39th minute, Daniel Rodríguez's team had a double penalty that, once again, was stopped by the Barça goalkeeper. He then scored right on the horn to send the Palau Blaugrana crowd home happy (3-1).

Match details:

Barça Lassa, 3
Jaén Paraíso Interior, 1

Barça Lassa: Sedano, Tolrà, Joao, Rivillos, and Ferrao –starters–,  Aicardo, Santana, Adolfo, Juanjo, Joselito, Roger and Esquerdinha.
Jaén Paraíso Interior: Dídac, Boyis, Carlitos, Brandi, Chino –starters–, Burrito, Campoy, Montes, Martín, Bingyoba, Imanol and Wendell.
Goals: 0-1 Boyis (min 9), 1-1 Esquerdinha (min 14), 2-1 Aicardo (min 27), 3-0 Sedano (min 40).
Officials: González Moreta and Sánchez Chamorro. Yellow cards for Ferrao (min 22), Aicardo (min 40), Wendell (min 24) and Boyis (min 29).

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