Barça Lassa Futsal suffered a heavy 6-1 defeat against Magna Gurpea, losing their grip of top spot which is taken over by Inter Movistar.

Bateria and Lozano returned to the side but it was far from a happy comeback to first team duties, with the visitors proving clinical in front of goal.

Araça opened the scoring for Magna Gurpea on 12 minutes (0-1), before Rafa Usín (0-2) and Víctor increased the score to 0-3 (min 29). Martel made it 0-4 on 43 before Ferrao gave Barça a glimmer of hope.

But before the Palau could muster any sort of optimism, Tolrà's own goal and another from Araça ended a miserable day for the hosts (1-6).


FC Barcelona Lassa, 1
Magna Gurpea, 6

Barça Lassa: Juanjo, Tolrà, Dyego, Aldolfo, Ferrao –starting five-, Joao, Sergio Lozano, Batería, Juanjo, Roger Serrano, Rafa López, Diego Quintella and Paco Sedano.
CD Xota: Asier, Araça, Martil, Rafa Usín, Eric Martel –starting five-, Víctor, Alvarito, Raúl, Dani García and Beascoechea.
Goals: 0-1 Araça, min. 12. 0-2 Rafa Usín, min. 25. 0-3 Víctor, min. 30. 0-4 Martel, min. 33. 1-4 Ferrao, min. 34. 1-5 Marc Tolrà (pen), min. 37. 1-6 Araça, min. 37.
Officials: Díaz Rodríguez and García Hernández
Attendance: 2,427

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