Aicardoputs pressure on Carlitos during Friday's game / MAGNA GURPEA

Magna Gurpea: Raúl, Eseverri, Jesulito, Martil i Rafa Usín -cinc inicial-, Yoshikawa, Víctor, Saldise i Carlitos.

FCB Lassa: Cristian, Marc Tolrà, Sergio Lozano, Bateria i Wilde -cinc inicial-, Aicardo,  Gabriel, Dyego, Saad, Lin i Ferrao.

Goals: 1-0 Martil, min 2; 1-1 Tolrà, min 18; 1-2 Gabriel, min 23; 2-2 Saldise, min 26; 2-3 Martil (en propia porta), min 27; 2-4 Wilde, min 39.


Barça Lassa achieved their objective, but it wasn’t easy. An win away to Magna Gurpea means that they stay second in the league after 25 games, but they had to fight back from going 1-0 down after just two minutes. With some fine defending and top goalkeeping by Cristian they managed to turn the game around, leading 2-1 before the Navarrese pulled things back level.

But an own goal and another from Wilde eventually sealed the twentieth win of the season, which thus maintains the fierce pressure on league leaders Inter Movistar.

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