The futsal team is seeking a third continental crown / GERMAN PARGA - FCB

The futsal team is seeking a third continental crown / GERMAN PARGA - FCB

The Palau Blaugrana opened its doors to the media just two days before the UEFA Futsal Cup Final Four gets under way in Lisbon, and manager Marc Carmona said that “we are full of high hopes, the team is like a rocket and has responded very well to two defeats.”

On Lozano, who has been injured for a month, Carmona commented that “he really needs to or three weeks more, but this is an important event and we’ll see how things are on Friday. We know we’ll be running a risk, but it could mean the bringing the cup back to Barcelona. It’s a difficult decision, and if it wasn’t the European Cup, we wouldn’t even be contemplating it.”

First up will be host club Sporting Lisbon, “a very compact side” in the FCB boss’ words. “We are going to have to be mentally prepared from the very first day to get through the situation. We’ll be in a hostile ground, but we need to isolate that from our minds.”

Wilde also knows it’ll be hard with the crowd against them but “we’re five against five on court and we have to focus on playing our own game”, while Paco Sedano added that “it will be a difficult game but we’re ready to suffer.”

This is the fourth consecutive Final Four appearance for Barça, who won the title in 2012 in Lleida and last year in Baku. Wilde has been in them all, and on the first triumph remembers that “I scored the first goal early on. We’d been waiting for that Final Four for a long time.” The following year ended in disappointment in Georgia. But the Catalans made amends twelve months later. Says Paco Sedano “losing the title the year before reminded us how hard it is to win it. It means we appreciated the victory even more.” 

Uefa Futsal Cup Media Day (CAT) by fcbarcelona
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