Barça are back in the Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Cup / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

FC Barcelona finished the Elite Round with the maximum nine points to make it into the Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Cup, where they’ll defend the trophy won last year. A draw would have been enough against the Ukrainians, who has also won their first two matches but with a lightly inferior goal difference. That wasn’t Marc Carmona’s target though. He insisted Barça made sure they qualified in style.

Ferrao opened the scoring after 10 minutes, and Lozano added a second mere moments later. Lokomotiv pushed hard to get back into the game, but there was no further scoring in the first half

Saad made it three after the break, and then Wilde added a brace to round off an effective win against a side that caused FCB a lot more trouble than the final scoreline might suggest.


FC Barcelona, 5
Lokomotiv Kharkov, 0

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Saad, Wilde, Lin, Gabriel –starting five–, Lozano, Usín, Ari Santos, Aicardo, Ferrao, Dyego.

Lokomotiv Járkov: Lytvynenko, Bilotserkivets, Zhurba, Sorokin, Ovsiannikov –starting five–, Fedorchenko, Rogachov, Sorokin, Shamli, Shpygar, Kiselyov.

Goals: 1-0, Ferrao (min 10); 2-0, Lozano (min 12); 3-0, Saad (min 22); 4-0, Wilde (min 33); 5-0, Wilde (min 33).

Referees: Karel Henych & Alessandro Malfer.

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