Sergio Lozano / PHOTO: ALEIX TELLO - FCB

Barça Alusport defeated Montesinos Jumilla by 9 to 2 and secured a spot in the semi-finals of the league playoff. The team managed by Marc Carmona demolished the Murcia-based side thanks to first half goals from Lozano (2), Fernandao, Ortego and Wilde. The second half started off with a goal from Ortego, and ended with additional strikes from Wilde, Aicardo and Dyego.


FCB Alusport, 9

Montesinos Jumilla, 2

Barça: Cristian, Aicardo, Lin, Lozano, Fernandao -cinc inicial-; Torras, Dyego, Conde, Wilde, Ortego i Serrano.

Montesinos: Chico, Cristian, Lolo Suazo, Rober, Ique -cinc inicial-; Chino, Josiko, Pichi, Pizarro, Zamora.

Gols: 1-0 Fernandao (min 3), 2-0 Lozano (min 6),  3-0 Ortego (min 7), 4-0 Wilde (min 13), 5-0 Lozano (min 14), 6-0 Ortego (min 22), 6-1 Pizarro (min 28), 6-2 Pizarro (min 29), 7-2 Wilde (min 30), 8-2 Aicardo (min 33), 9-2 Dyego (min 34)

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