First defeat at the Palau Blaugrana this season, the first loss at home since June of 2012. Marfil Santa Coloma broke Barça’s magnificent streak at home thanks to their serious and intense approach to the match. What’s more, they fought back from a three-goal deficit.

Ten minutes for each team

Barça dominated at the start of the match, but Marfil were quick to react. The first 20 minutes treated the fans to brilliant and spectacular futsal. Marc Carmona’s men took an early 3-0 lead after only seven minutes. Aicardo scored two and Saad got the other. But from that point on everything started to change.

Marfil struck back through a penalty, scored by Dani Salgado, and later the former Barça player Sepe scored a brace to make it 3-3 before the break.

Stellar Salgado

In the second half, Barça once again took the lead. Lozano recovered possession and assisted Gabriel for the 4-3. But Dani Salgado showed why he’s considered to be one of the best players in the league when he scored the 4-4 and 4-5 with six minutes left on the clock.

In the final stretch of the match, Barça played with a keeper/player, but Xavi Passarrius' men remained calm and even managed to score another goal thanks to Salgado. The match came to an end with 4 to 6 on the scoreboard.


FCB, 4
Marfil, 6

FC Barcelona: Sedano, Ari Santos, Aicardo, Gabriel and Wilde –starting five-; Torras, Lin, Lozano, Saad and Fernandao

Marfil Santa Coloma: Dídac, Rubén, Sepe, Adolfo i Dani Salgado –starting five-; Rafa López, Nakata, Lluc and Albert Segura

Goals: 1-0 Aicardo (3’),2-0 Saad (6’), 3-0 Aicardo (7’), 3-1 Dani Salgado (pen, 8’), 3-2 Sepe (13’), 3-3 Sepe (19’), 4-3 Gabriel (25’), 4-4 Dani Salgado (33’), 4-5 Dani Salgado (35’), 4-6 Dani Salgado (37’).

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