Barça Alusport will play the Spanish Cup final for the third consecutive year. The team managed by Marc Carmona defeated Santiago Futsal this afternoon by 2-5. Caja Segovia or ElPozo Murcia will face the Blaugrana in the final of the competition.


Santiago Futsal, 2
Barça Alusport, 5

Santiago Futsal: Carlos Barron, Pazos, David, Hamza, Quintela (starting five), Jorge, Lucho, Alan, Barroso, Raúl Campos, Alan

Barça Alusport: Sedano, Ari, Gabriel, Wilde, Lozano (starting five), Torras, Saad, Fernandao, Aicardo, Lin

Goals: 0-1, Wilde (min 1); 0-2, Fernandao (min 5); 0-3, Aicardo (min 8); 1-3, Quintela (min 15); 1-4, Lin (min 21); 1-5, Fernandao (min 27); 2-5, Alan (min 40)

Referees: Flores and Goñi

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