The team managed by Marc Carmona fired 12 goals past the penultimate team in the standings to take the top spot of the table. Goals from Wilde, Lin (2), Lozano (2), Saad,  Aicardo (2), Gabriel, Igor, Fernandao and Martel gave Barça its six victory on the trot in the Liga, and it injected a good dose of morale ahead of next weekend’s crucial match against ElPozo.


Puertollano, 0
Barça Alusport, 12

Puertollano: Borja, Contreras, Nano, Chino, Merino (starting five), Robert, Alvarito, Colorado, Mañas.

Barça Alusport: Sedano, Ari, Aicardo, Wilde, Lozano (starting five), Gabriel, Lin, Igor, Saad, Fernandao, Martel, Chema.

Goals: 0-1, Wide, min 2; 0-2, Lin, min 8; 0-3, Lin, min 9; 0-4, Lozano, min 13; 0-5, Saad, min 13; 0-6, Aicardo, min 20; 0-7, Aicardo, min 23; 0-8, Gabriel, min 23; 0-9, Igor, min 34; 0-10, Lozano, min 34; 0-11, Fernandao, min 35, and 0-12, Martel, min 37.

Referees: Díaz Rodríguez and García Hernández.

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