Torras current top scorer for Barça with two goals in two matches / PHOTO: Germán Parga - FCB

Barça Alusport has another chance to pile the pressure on El Pozo by winning this Sunday evening (6.45 pm / Barça TV, Esport3, Marca TV, Popular TV) at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia.  The final series is tied at 1-1 after El Pozo won the second game 3-2.

However, the pressure will be on Carmona’s men if they lose.  Winning the opening game at least means they will be back in the Palau Blaugrana for a fourth and maybe even a fifth match.

FC Barcelona Alusport

A second game in just over 24 hours could be an advantage for FC Barcelona Alusport given the strength in depth of the squad. So far only goalkeeper Cristian and youngsters Martel and Tolrà, have yet to play. El Pozo has made much less use of player rotation with men such as the Brazilian Paulinho still to feature. Barça will be hoping to take advantage of this tonight starting at 6.45 pm.

Fernandao seems to have recovered from his injury problems and showed enough on Saturday in his efforts to shake off the close marking of José Ruiz to suggest he could be a menace.

Meanwhile, Sergio Lozano was sincere in his comments after the second game: “If there’s something that characterises us as a team it’s that we never talk about the officials, neither for good nor for bad, and I believe we have to focus more on our game and leave them alone and not exert pressure in a way that doesn’t help the spectacle”.

The opponent

There’s plenty of praise now for coach Duda’s team but the fact is that Barça Alusport has never underestimated the opponent. El Pozo has featured in all four finals at the end of the season and could still lift the league title.

Between them, the two teams have the best players in the LNFS. El Pozo will try and capitalise on their home advantage and especially their passionate crowd before facing the Palau pressure cooker next Friday.  Duda’s team will rely on a lethal counterattack and the skills of Miguelín - completely recovered from injury - Adri and Álex.

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