The Barça wheelchair basketball team, League Champs (Photo: Àlex Caparrós - FCB)

Regal FCB UNES Satn Feliu was promoted to the División de Honor B with two games still left to play after beating Sureste Gran Canaria 81-55.

Bad Start

The wheelchair basketball team didn’t start the game off on the best foot as Gran Canaria came out to dominate the court in the first quarters of the match.

The team was having difficulty finding fluidity on offence and they having trouble of defence. They were down 33-39 at the half.

Changing the flow of the game

Everything changed in the third quarter. The Azulgranas came out concentrated and went on a 10-0 run to change the dynamic of the match. It put the Azulgranas up 53 to 47.

In the final quarter, the Barça side showed off their best play. They went on a 22 to 4 run  that clinched the game and the competition.

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