FC Barcelona Lassa have a victory against Tecnyconta Zaragoza who arrived with the intention of working their way into the Copa del Rey positions. On the blaugranas’ side, the team went into the away game second in the table looking to continue putting pressure on the leaders.

Difficult start in Zaragoza

Sito Alonso’s players started the game with the players wells up and drilled. Zaragoza started well and the home side took a six point lead by the 7th minute. However, Navarro was playing very well and he was providing plenty of assists for his teammates and Sanders also starred as the blaugranas reached the end of the first quarter two points in front (19-21).

Blaugranas take control

The second quarter started with six unanswered points from Zaragoza with two good three pointers. Barça responded quickly with two good Ante Tomic attacks the Croatian finished well. The second quarter saw Barça be very clinical with Seraphin scoring regularly.

After the break, FC Barcelona had a period of domination in which they scored 12 points to Zaragoza’s 6 via an impressive accuracy and ability to dominate the defensive rebounds. Navarro continued to impress and Hanga was playing well as well. By the time the fourth quarter started, the blaugranas’ impressive performance gave them a 17 point lead.

In the last ten minutes, Barça shut the game down and made sure they didn’t give the home side any chances. The blaugranes, who were superior throughout, controlled the game and scored 99 points to stay in second place in the Liga ACB.


Zaragoza, 86
FC Barcelona Lassa, 99

Saragossa: Barreiro (6), Dragovic (-) , Bellas (11), Neal (23), Varnado (11) – starting five- Alcocén (6), Mazalín (-), Michalak (10), De Jong (13), Suárez (5) and Blums (6).
FC Barcelona Lassa: Seraphin (12), Hanga (11), Heurtel (7), Sanders (12), Moerman (4) – starting five- Ribas (6), Pressey (6), Navarro (15), Oriola (13), Koponen (6), Claver (-) and Tomic (7).
Breakdown: 19-21, 40-44, 56-73, 86-99
Officials: Conde, Oyón and Torres 

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