Barça Lassa broke a run of five consecutive defeats last Friday at Olympiacos, and on Sunday they went all-out for another victory at Bilbao Basket, which they achieved by an overwhelming result of 83-104. Led by the inspirational Seraphin, Heurtel and Hanga, Sito Alonso’s team were always ahead in the match against hosts who had former Barca player, Lakovic, as assistant coach.

In a dominant opening 10 minutes of play, Barça scored very easily, especially through Seraphin. Hanga and Heurtel also took the game to the Basque’s as the visitors continued to pile on the pressure.


Bilbao reacted through Mumbrú, but the visitors never lowered their intensity and continued to score well. They mounted good counterattacks with Navarro, Moerman and Hanga impressive on the three-pointers.

The last quarter followed exactly the same pattern as the previous three and in the end, a confident victory will give Barça Lassa something to take forward as they look to build on their most recent performances.

Match details

Bilbao Basket, 83

FCB Lassa, 104

Bilbao Basket: Tabu (-), Hervelle (6), Kempton (2), Pere Tomàs (9), Todorovic (11) – starters – Fischer (12), Hammink (1), Redivo (18), Salgado (4), Mumbrú (16), Vucetic (2) and Gladness (2)

Barça Lassa: Seraphin (14), Hanga (15), Heurtel (13), Koponen (3) and Moerman (12) – starters – Ribas (3), Pressey (10), Navarro (12), Oriola (4), Sanders (8), Claver (4) and Tomic (6).

Periods: 15-29/36-55/60-79/83-104

Referee: Antonio Conde and Mas Cagide.

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