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FC Barcelona made light work of Real Betis Energía Plus at the Palau Blaugrana on Sunday afternoon, with a big 80-58 win to claim their third win of the season.

The motivation amongst the ranks was high following that disappointing Euroleague loss to Fenerbahçe on Friday.

Oleson led the way in the early exchanges, scoring eight points in the first period which allowed Barça to go into the second period nine points ahead. This gave the team the platform to go out there and play more expressively.

The second quarter saw Rice and Eriksson take the stage and pushed their team to a dominant display. The end of the first half ended with Barça 12 points up and with no sign of letting up (43-31).

While the third quarter saw a slight dip in intensity, where the visitors matched the hosts stride for stride, the final period was played out professionally with Barça, where they closed up shop well to resist any fight back from Betis and eventually took the game 80-58.

Match details

FC Barcelona Lassa, 80
Real Betis Energía Plus, 58

FC Barcelona: Rice (12), Claver (2), Oleson (11), Perperoglou (-) i Tomic (12) –starting five–, Dorsey (-), Ribas (11), Vezenkov (14), Peno (-), Figeuras (-), Eriksson and Sena (1).

Real Betis Energía Plus: Nachbar (12), Rigo (3), Zoric (4), Chery (2), Lockett (13) –starting five–, Sánchez (10), Triguero (-), Cate (-), Milosevic (4), Stojanovski (7) and García (3).

Score by period: 23-14 / 20-17 / 15-15 / 22-12

Officials: C. Cortes, F. Araña and V. Mas.

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