FC Barcelona Lassa racked up their 17th league win with a resounding 102-65 win over MoraBanc Andorra on Sunday.

The game started off as an end-to-end battle, with Barça marginally ahead after ten minutes (20-18), largely thanks to eight straight points from Toni Claver.

It was in the second quarter where Barça really began to break away, with Alex Renfroe the protagonist with six straight points to make it 43-31 going into the midway point.

Bartzokas, without Lawal and Faverani, gave minutes Moussa Diagné who took full advantage of his time with 12 rebounds and a rating of 11.

The team remained relentless in the third, as Rice and Calver each managed seven straight points before a feast of trebles, ten in ten minutes, Vezenkov (4), Eriksson (3), Navarro (2) and Koponen, saw the game end 102-65.


Barça Lassa, 102
MoraBanc Andorra, 65

Barça Lassa: Rice (15), Oleson (-), Claver (15), Perperoglou (6), Tomic (6) –starting five-; Munford (-), Navarro (14), Vezenkov (18), Eriksson (9), Koponen (8), Renfroe (6), Diagné (5).
Morabanc Andorra: Albicy (2), Jelínek (2), Walker (8), Burjanadze (13), Shermadini (18) –starting five-; Schreiner (6), Stevic (7), Navarro (4), Colom(-), Czerapowicz (2), Antetokounmpo (3).
Score by quarter: 20-18 / 23-13 / 20-13 / 39-21.
Officials: M.A. Pérez, L. M. Castillo, A. Cardús. 

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