Claver was one of the star performers in an impressive all-round display on Thursday | FC BARCELONA / Autor: Víctor Salgado

Following the setback against CSKA Moscow, Barça Lassa picked up a much-needed Euroleague win on Thursday, 70-62 at home to Unics Kazan in a game they dominated from start to finish, with Perperoglou (13) and Claver (12) leading the way in the points department.

The visitors were clearly hit by the absence of Langford, the leading scorer in the competition, and only had some good 3-point shooting to thank for not dropping further behind at the end of the first period (19-16).

Faverani and Koponen stepped up in the second, and although the scoring slacked on both teams, Barça’s lead remained intact, with their defensive intensity starting to frustrate the Russian offence, but again visiting threes managed to keep the game close (36-34).

Unics Kazan managed to sneak the lead just after the break (38-41) but a 9-0 Barça Lassa streak soon sorted that out and it was full steam ahead from that moment on, The psychological boost of +10 was finally reached (58-44) on the back of a dominant run of 20-3 in the last eight minutes.

The pace of the game was rapid, but there was never any question where the win was going. Barça led by 15, and although that difference was quickly cut to eight (65-58), Rice cut out any chance of a late setback with a game clinching three at the end.

That was win number 10 in Euroleague play, and the ideal preparation for the Liga Clásico away to Real Madrid on Sunday at 6.00pm CET.


Barça Lassa, 70
Unics Kazan, 62

Barça Lassa: Rice (9), Claver (12), Oleson (3), Perperoglou (13), Tomic (6) –starting five-; Munford (-), Faverani (4), Vezenkov (6), Eriksson (6), Diagne (-), Koponen (9), Renfroe (2).
Unics Kazan: Antipov (12), Parakhouski (8), Colom (10), Panin (5), Andusic (5) –starting five-; Clarke (4), Ponkrashov (8), Klimenko (2), Banic (6), Voronov (-), Williams (2).
Periods: 24-20 / 12-14 / 19-10 / 15-18.
Referees: Sasa Pukl, Tomislav Hordov and Renaud Geller. 
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