Arroyo and Diagne with Creus in the Palau Blaugrana / Víctor Salgado - FCB

FC Barcelona Lassa presented two of its new signings for the 2015/16 season on Tuesday, Puerto Rican Carlos Arroyo and Moussa Diagne of Senegal. The point guard, who arrives from Cangrejos de Santurce, and the former Baloncesto Fuenlabrada centre will start training on Thursday, and the technical secretary of the section, Joan Creus has described the virtues the duo will bring to the side. “Diagne will provide rebounds, energy and intimidation” he said, while “we appreciate Arroyo’s experience. He’s a master of the pick-and-roll.”

Arroyo told the media that “this is a great opportunity to further my career. I’ll be joining a historic team here. I have been waiting for this chance for a long time and I understand the responsibility that defending these colours implies … We have to adapt quickly because this team needs to win. I’m a point guard and I have always had the cold blood of a leader, although there is only one of those here, and that’s Juan Carlos Navarro.

Dreams come true

Moussa Diagne spoke sincerely, revealing that “it has always been my dream to come here. I am here to give everything, to learn, and to do what the coach wants from me … My play will help the team in defence and I’ll supply a lot of energy.”

Joan Creus also spoke more generally about how the team is shaping up for the new season. “A lot of players were out of contract, like Hezonja and Pleiss, who have gone to the NBA” he explained. “We have had to sign seven players, which has improved pour frontcourt play. And we’ve also added some touches of quality to our perimeter game … Not winning least year does not mean we’re playing under added pressure. We need to exchange the doubts for work and ambition.”

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