It was simple victory for Barça in Taiwan. PHOTO: FCB

The result says it all: 57-123. Barça stormed to victory against the selection of the best players in the Taiwanese league, which served as a chance for some of the regular players to get some match practice.

All decided

The SBL All Stars were outclassed from the off, and after five minutes were already trailing 10-22. Thomas, Huertas and Nachbar were scoring with ease and the bench was constantly rotated as the first period ended at 12-34.

More scoring from Mario Hezonja and Álex Abrines continued the blitz, with only US import Pelle and local star Liu Cheng creating anything for the home side. By the break the scoreline in what had become little more than a training match stood at 27-64.

No piety

Nevertheless, Barça took the second half seriously and as a result delivered further punishment to their hosts. The third period closed on 46-88 and after 34 minutes they broke the 100 mark. It didn’t stop there, and the Catalans ended up with a massive haul of 57-123 to conclude a successful visit to the Far East that has done wonders for promoting the Barça brand in such a key market.


SBL, 57
FCB, 123

FCB: Huertas (7), Navarro (7), Thomas (11), Nachbar (12) & Tomic (10) –starting five-; Hezonja (20), Abrines (17), Pleiss (12), Oleson (10), Hakanson (7), Lampe (6), Doellman (4).

Periods: 12-34, 15-30, 19-24, 11-35

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