Grimau and Lampe featured in another defeat of La Bruixa d'Or / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Both teams came out wearing shirts in support of the injured Markus Eriksson before getting down to some intense basketball. Barça stormed to an early 5-10 lead but led by an outstanding Bivià, La Bruixa d'Or soon got into their game and were 26-22 up by the end of the first period.

Barça realigned their forces, and Abrines contributed eight of the points that got them back in command at 28-34. The period saw little in the way of scoring but the home side managed to stay in contention and everything was left to be played for when the half-time buzzer sounded at 38-41.

Huertas bagged a three to start the third period, and Oleson and Abrines were soon following suit to put FCB ten ahead at 42-52. It had been a tight game until this point, but now Barça started making their superiority count, and by the end of the period they were well in front at 55-66.

Barça could have just run down the clock in the final period, but instead they kept going at Manresa, and ended comfortable winners by 69-88.

Barça’s next game is on Friday at home to Bayern Munich in the first clash in the 2014/15 Euroleague.


La Bruixa d'Or, 69
FC Barcelona, 88

La Bruixa d'Or Manresa: Bivià (11), Grimau (16), Grigonis (3), Samuels (9) & Haritopoulos (8) -starting five- Hall (3), Dewar (4), Garcia (12), Angelats (0) & Sabata (3).

FC Barcelona: Huertas (17), Navarro (8), Thomas (9), Doellman (13) & Tomic (14) -starting five- Hakanson (0), Hezonja (0), Abrines (13), Pleiss (2), Oleson (8), Lampe (2) & Nachbar (2).

Referees: Óscar Perea, Anna Cardús & José Luis Redondo.

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