Justin Doellman was speaking in Encamp, where the team are staying. PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA - FCB

Captain America, as they called Justin Doellman (1985) in Manresa, will be one of the stars of the Barça offence in 2014/15. He’s currently in Encamp as the side prepares for the preseason, and is getting to know his new team-mates and head coach Xavier Pascual. Speaking to www.fcbarcelona.com, the power forward from Ohio described his aspirations since joining Barça.

You’ve played in France, Alicante Manresa and Valencia. Now you’re 29 and playing for Barça. Were you expecting that?

You always work to get as far as you can and when Barça call you know you're getting things right. I really am at the peak of my career, especially when I was named MVP in the Liga Endesa and in the Eurocup Final.

You had a great season at Valencia and won the Eurocup. There will be even bigger demands at Barça.

I think I am ready for that. You know you always have to win here and we have to prepare hard for the future. I hope to do what I have done until now - be useful to the team and for us to all to help win titles. That's why we're here.

Speaking of winning, at Barça you have to at least be in contention for every title.

Yes, that’s why I’m here. To fight for the Euroleague and to stay powerful in the league. I think we can do it.

When you came to Europe in 2007, you were 22. Did you know much about Barcelona or Barça?

Not much. I did know the football team through my wife, who played at Xavier, where I studied. You always hear some things.

But once in Europe you must have heard talk of Barça.

Of course. Once you’re here you learn all about the big teams and Barça is one of them. When I started playing in Spain I wondered what it would be like to play for such a big club.

You studied Communications at Xavier. Did you finish?

Yes, although I’ve never done anything related with my studies, but you can never say never. Right now I want to focus on basketball and winning titles with Barcelona.

Can you yourself at Barça for many years and retiring here?

That’s a long way off, but it would great if that were to happen. I want people to be happy with me, to help win titles and be useful to the team.

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